7 Things Women Expect On A First Date

The first date can be exciting and unnerving at the same time. Creating the right impression is the key to a successful first date. It is important to make the woman feel comfortable on the data. She should also feel that the man has taken the effort and pain to make the first date memorable. The following considerations will go a long way in ensuring a successful and special first date.

Go the Extra Mile… Or Two
It is always recommended to do some background research on the woman- her likes and dislikes. During meeting her on the first date she should be greeted or be given a gift to her liking. This will make her feel special and she will adore the fact that the man had thought about her before gifting her something.

Be Polite, Not Pushy
Basic etiquette and courtesy are important on a date. The woman will surely be observing what the man is doing and his behavior, way of treating a woman, sense of humor etc. It is important not to be loud and brash during the date and display proper eating habits and other social etiquettes. Jokes or humor which are loud and insensitive should not be used during the date.

Be Complimentary
It is always good to compliment the woman. She must have taken some efforts to get ready and prepared for the date. They should be complimented on either their outfit, fragrance etc. This will help create a positive impact of the man.

Be Curious About Her
It is good to be curious about the woman and show some interest in her. She will perceive that the man is interested in her and is taking efforts to know about her. It is advised to not continue talking about one’s own interests and life only. The man should take efforts to know the woman’s interests and guide the conversation accordingly.

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
It is good to be assertive on a date, but assertiveness should not become aggressiveness. Being aggressive will not be taken in a positive manner by the woman and may harm future prospects in the budding relationship.

Always Have a Backup Plan
One should always have a backup plan in case the date events do not unfold as planned. This will also impress the woman that the man has thought and planned meticulously for the date. Having a backup plan is better instead of not knowing what to do in case the date night doesn’t go as planned.

Leave Her Impressed
Once the date is about to come to a close, it is suggested to impress the woman before leaving. She should be made to feel how the evening was well spent so that she will want to spend more time and take the relationship forward.

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