Are You A Mummy’s Boy?

Men who are close to their mothers have been depicted in a negative way by people. They have been stereotyped as being irritating, submissive to their mothers and terrifying for the woman. It is important to find out how women perceive such men. Do they think of them negatively or do they respect them for being close to their mother?

A study revealed that about two-thirds of people in white collared jobs and in senior positions considered themselves as being close to their mothers and being mummy’s boy. However, only 20% of working class and 40% of semi-skilled or manual workers considered themselves to be mummy’s boy. The study also provided an interesting perspective on the women’s thought process while dealing with mummy’s boy. 40% of the women clearly said that they will never date a man who is a mummy’s boy.

Women clearly have a strong negative bias for men who are mummy’s boy. There have been studies which reveal that having a strong relationship with mothers is important for men. Men who do not have good and secure relationships with their mothers have been found to have negative behavioral issues. Even though the women understand and emphasize the need for men to have good relationships with women, they do not take it very encouragingly when the men have a good relationship with their mothers and are mummy’s boy.

It is also important to distinguish between having a good relationship with one’s mother and being totally dependent on the mother. While being close to the mother is a good sign, being dependent is where the problem lies. A mummy’s boy who is dependent on her mother will always put his mother’s needs, perceptions, and beliefs ahead of himself and will cease to exist as an independent individual. The general rule to identify such dependent men is to observe if they can disagree and say no to their mothers when needed. A man who is close to his mother may be able to say no but a dependent man will never be able to say no.

There are issues being with a dependent man. He will always put the needs and desires of his mother and any other woman in his life ahead of his own. He won’t be able to say no to the women in his life and will be unhappy and resentful from within. Their own needs are not met and they keep growing more resentful and distance themselves with women in their life. For women who are in a relationship with a mummy’s boy who is dependent on his mother should not try to see how their needs can be addressed instead of trying to change the man. Mummy’s boy should not always get the stigma and disrespect that it usually gets.

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