Morning Habits That Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process of converting food to energy. The more efficient this process the quicker is the calorie turnover and faster one can lose weight. A high metabolism rate ensures greater calorie burnout rate and is a healthy indicator. Small changes in the daily lifestyle and routine can help boost the metabolism rate significantly. The following steps if followed regularly can help improve the metabolism rate and induce healthy lifestyle.

Work Out (But Not Just With Any Workout)
It is recommended to workout using a combination of strength training and intense cardio intervals. Cardio interval training helps in burning lots of calories and increases the post-workout oxygen consumption. This increases the metabolism. The workout should also focus on increasing muscle mass. Muscles are denser than fat and use more energy. People having higher muscle mass have higher metabolic rates as muscles requires more energy to maintain. For every one pound of muscle, the human body burns 50 calories more to maintain the metabolic rate.

Don’t Sleep In
Getting adequate sleep is important for improved metabolism. Studies show that sleep deprivation is linked with an increased appetite. Another study reveals that sleep deprivation significantly increases hunger and food craving especially for high carb and high-calorie unhealthy food. Thus, the adequate sleep of 7-9 hours is important for good metabolism and weight loss.

Drink Water
Starting the day with drinking water is an easy way to improve body metabolism. Studies indicate that drinking 500 ml of water in the morning increases the metabolism rate by 30%. Another study shows that overweight women who increased their water intake to over 1 litre per day lost additional 2Kg of weight over one year, without making any extra changes to their lifestyle.

Pop A Simple But Effective (And Safe) Energy Supplement
Energy supplement is often criticised as they are laden with sugar and unhealthy ingredients. One can use an energy supplement consisting of natural ingredients to improve the metabolism rate.

Eat A Meal
It is recommended to have a healthy breakfast. Good and healthy breakfast makes one feel fuller till lunch and people avoid unhealthy snacking in between the meals. A high protein breakfast helps cut food cravings and aids in weight loss.

Take A Shot
A highly acidic body chemistry is not good as it does not allow nutrient absorption and hampers digestion. Apple cider vinegar is very effective in improving metabolism. It balances the pH level and improves digestion also.

Toggle Health Mode ON
It is important to cultivate healthy habits as it will help in building and practising other healthy habits over time in a chain process.

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