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  • What Happened When I Tried Intermittent Fasting

    OverviewFasting is an ancient practice followed by humans. Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an eating pattern where one fast one or two days in a week or practice the 16:8 method. It means eating all the meal requirements of the day within 8 hours and fasting for the next 16 hours. IF helps to cut unwanted […]

  • Reasons You’re Losing Muscle

    OverviewBuilding muscles is a long and slow process. It takes even years to build muscles, but little mistakes in the training regime, nutrition intake, and general lifestyle may result in muscle loss. The top five reasons for muscle loss and their respective fixes are provided below. You’re training too much (or not enough)The main factor […]

  • Natural Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Bad Body Odour

    OverviewBody odour is a natural phenomenon. Unpleasant smell and odour is the result of overactive sweat glands and bacteria. Body odour is found in everyone- some more than others. It is suggested to trim the underarm hair and change the old shoes or use odour-busting shoe insoles to reduce the body odour. There are other […]

  • Natural Alternatives To Viagra

    OverviewViagra has been an extremely popular drug that has restored and rejuvenated the sexual lives of many people. It has been highly effective and successful in reigniting passion and libido in people’s sex life. Though it has been known to have potential side effects, the drug has been a bestseller across the world. Viagra, however, […]

  • Morning Habits That Boost Your Metabolism

    OverviewMetabolism is the process of converting food to energy. The more efficient this process the quicker is the calorie turnover and faster one can lose weight. A high metabolism rate ensures greater calorie burnout rate and is a healthy indicator. Small changes in the daily lifestyle and routine can help boost the metabolism rate significantly. […]

  • Low-Carb And Low-Fat Diets Have The Same Effect On Weight Loss, Research Says

    Long Story ShortLow carb or low fat? The research says either is fine. Long StoryThere are numerous diet types to choose from ranging from keto diets, Mediterranean diet, fasting diets, Atkins diet, zone diet etc. How to choose the best diet for an individual? Most of these diets fall into two broader categories- low carb […]

  • How To Take Care Of Your Hair

    OverviewTaking good care of hair is the secret behind healthy and lively hairs. It also makes the hair styling easier and makes one stand out in the crowd. With regular hair care and a little bit of extra effort, the hair will look good and healthy. Some considerations for ensuring healthy and easily manageable hair […]

  • How To Find Out If She’s Single

    Meeting a beautiful woman and having a hearty interaction with her can be a memorable experience. It can be even more pleasant if both of them share the same hobbies, passion, and likes in life. There is always an urge to inquire if the woman is single or not. There can be different approaches to […]

  • How Different Foods Affect Your Mood

    Long Story ShortResearch suggests that mood depends on the food one eats. People in different age groups need different food to enhance their mental health. Long StoryAs people age, the effect of various food items starts impacting them differently. The dietary habits influence the human brain differently across different age groups. According to a study […]

  • Eye Creams For Men

    OverviewThe skin around the eyes is at least 40% thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face. It also ages quicker than the skin on the rest of the face. The skin under the eyes loses hydration 50% faster than rest of the face skin. It is so delicate that it doesn’t show […]